As Seen on FOX Parkersburg News

By: Todd Baucher

"Some of the people classified as being homeless do eventually find housing...but need to begin putting their lives together again.

It's called "Essentially Yours"...and its goal is to provide the essentials to people who need to get started with their lives...and their homes...again.

The program is one component of the voices in the streets project, offered through the Voices of Triumph Gospel Choir.

It's starting out with the Parkersburg area...but its goal is to serve the entire Mid-Ohio Valley".

"We identified it as a need for essential home goods items, items that, when a person is able to move into a dwelling, they don't have," says organization president Dorothy Dicks. "Things such as pots, pans, forks to eat with, glasses to drink out of. And that's why we came up with the Essentially Yours program."

"Essentially Yours" is being headquartered in the Parkersburg Salvation Army on 5th street...and is scheduled to begin business in May.

The organization needs bed linens...but asks for new pillows only...dishes and drinking glasses, silverware, cookware and cooking utensils, bath linens and bathroom items, cleaning products and personal hygiene items.

The organization is taking referrals, and and donations can be made in person at the Salvation Army headquarters on 5th street...but not at the thrift store.

For more can contact Chris Penn at (304) 834-2107, or by e-mail at

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